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Charcoal Clog
Walnut Clog
Coffee Clog
Marshmallow Clog
Slate Clog
Clay Clog
Shell Clog
River Clog
Peach Clog
Lavender Clog
Glacier Clog
Dragonfruit Clog
Lazy River Clog
Boardwalk Clog
Party Lights Clog
Sunset Swim Clog

Innovative footwear from SHORE. Made in our proprietary handwoven high-performance silicone. Fantastically versatile and easy to wear. Perfect year round for world travel, lounging poolside, or relaxing at home. Easy on and off, barefoot or with socks. Comfort guaranteed.


Innovative, seamless construction. Featuring SHORE’s iconic technical woven styling.
100% high-performance silicone. Super soft and stretchy, yet hard-wearing. The handwoven silicone upper gently hugs the foot, giving constant support with every step.
Fully handmade in our London, England workshop. Handwoven and constructed start to finish in-house by our team of skilled craftspeople.
Single-layer best-in-class Vibram® Morflex sole. The 12.9mm (0.5in) thick sole molds over time to the wearer’s foot for truly bespoke comfort.
Highly breathable. The innovative patented weave has ventilation built-in to its woven structure.
Barefoot feel, for natural healthy movement. Wide toe-box and zero drop sole. Lots of give. Highly accommodating to a range of foot widths and shapes.
No points of irritation. Soft, rounded features minimizie chafing, scratching, and rubbing.
Lightweight and durable. 9.8oz (single slide, men’s size 10) and 10.7oz (single clog, men’s size 10)
No adhesives or hardware. No glue, toxic adhesives, or non-essential detailing.
Vegan. Wholly animal-free product.
Water-friendly and easy to clean. Quick-drying and hygienic.
Casual versatility. Sandal, boat shoe, camp moc, pool slide, house slipper, and walking shoe—all in one.
All our work is made-to-order. Please allow a production time of 3 to 10 days.

Silicone—a Technical Material, Reimagined

Our proprietary high-performance 100% pure silicone is fully non-toxic, inert, and non-petroleum based, unlike other rubbers and plastics. Silicone is derived from silicon, an abundant source material found in sand, and does not release any toxic fumes neither during manufacturing nor during its lifespan.

Soft, Stretchy—and Incredibly Robust

Our handwoven silicone textile gently hugs the foot and gives constant support with every step—making laces, velcro, and buckles obsolete. Silicone cord (with its traditional application as a component in engines and heavy machinery) will not degrade or lose its stretch or spring-back. It’s the material of choice in cooking, engineering, and medical applications due to its unmatched durability and hygienic qualities.

Fully Handmade

We employ a variety of custom processes including the careful mixing of raw silicone, expert blending of pigments, extrusion by hand of the silicone cord, and artisanal weaving of the individually extruded strands—done in-house in our London, England workshop by our close tight-knit team of skilled craftspeople.

Built-in Breathability

Our woven silicone textile has a naturally open weave structure. While the silicone itself is waterproof, the weave has a chunky well-ventilated knit, allowing air to easily flow in and around the foot. Perfect for hot and humid days and drying off after a dip in the pool.

Full Vibram® Soles

Our best-in-class Vibram® soles are made from the finest soling material available today. Made in the USA, they’re a single 0.5in (12.9mm) thick layer of super durable and hard-wearing Morflex EVA in a pitch-perfect density for all day comfort. The flexible sole over time molds to the wearer’s foot for truly bespoke comfort.