Maintenance and Care

SHORE products are easy to maintain. Each piece is made of high quality materials and constructed in a streamlined way that allows for easy maintenance, upkeep and repair. Under normal conditions, the quality of the material should maintain its resilience for years.

Rugs and Mats

When you first unroll your rug or mat, take a moment to flatten out the edges and any irregularities that may have occurred​ ​during shipping and to evenly re-distribute the tension of the cords, if necessary. Please note, the SHORE fabric tag denotes the bottom side​ of the piece​. We strongly recommend cleaning the floor surface with appropriate cleaning agents prior to placing down a rug​​. Placing a rug on a dusty or dirty floor can cause ​it​ to not stay put.


We recommend that the rug or mat and the floor below be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner as you would any traditional carpet or rug​ ​to remove normal dust and debris. We advise cleaning both sides of the rug itself and the floor surface below​.​ We also recommend that rugs and mats be cleaned regularly with a solution of slightly soapy water. The​ piece​ should be lightly scrubbed and rinsed thoroughly and then allowed to air dry. Wet cleaning helps remove fine dust particles​ and​ restore ​the material's​ natural texture.

If a spill occurs, the rug can be simply spot cleaned, rinsed, or hosed off with water​ and allowed to air dry​. Soap​ ​can be used, if necessary. Be sure to clean the floor below, as the spill will likely penetrate through.

Pillows and Furniture should be spot cleaned with water, using soap if necessary, and allowed to air dry. For deeper cleaning, we recommend using a synthetic bristle scrubber brush and soapy water.

Upkeep and Repair

Each SHORE product is constructed in a streamlined way that allows ​for ​easy upkeep and repair. Breakage or damage to the cord that occurs through use can be easily mended, further extending our products' lifespan. If a break in the cord does occur, it is advised to address it quickly to prevent the weave from unravelling. We can send a repair kit free of charge (please get in touch with us directly to order). The kit includes a special silicone glue that is completely translucent and creates a bond as strong as the original cord. Everything required to make a repair is contained in the kit, including a set of ​easy-to-follow​ instructions.

We also offer a free refurbishment and repair service. Any SHORE product can be sent back to us for full refurbishment where we can patch up any imperfections that have occurred through use. You would be responsible for covering the cost of shipping the piece to us, however we will cover the cost of returning the refurbished piece. Simply get in touch​ with us​ beforehand to confirm product details.

You are responsible for the care of your ​product​s and we cannot be held liable if damages occur from improper care. All rugs ​and mats ​pose a trip hazard, so please be careful where you place your​s. Shore Rugs and Mats are thick and tactile. Placing them in high-foot traffic areas may pose a trip hazard. SHORE cannot be held liable for any accidents or injuries, including but not limited to slips and falls, which occur through use of our products.