Maximizing safety and performance in tandem with sustainability.

Material Safety: Shore Rugs™ are made from a 100% pure silicone material which is completely inert and extremely safe to use. Unlike conventional PVC or neoprene based rubber mats, Shore Rugs do not release any toxic fumes neither during the manufacturing process nor during their long product lifespan. The material will also maintain its integrity, not hardening or losing it spring-back qualities, even after years of prolonged use.

Hygiene:​Silicone is the material of choice in both cooking and medical applications​​, as it is both extremely hygienic and durable. Our material is impermeable and will not absorb or harbor moisture or mold, and will not breakdown and create dust. This allows Shore Rugs to be easily and effectively cleaned, simply with water or with any desired cleaning agent, if necessary.

Environmental Impact

A Sustainable Manufacturing Process: Silicone uses readily available materials (primarily silica sand) in a manufacturing process that is continuous and self-contained. Within this process, only useful products emerge from the cycle. During the weaving process, material is used extremely efficiently with minimal waste.

Completely Inert Material:Different to more common PVC or Neoprene mats​, Shore Rugs do not release any toxic fumes both during the manufacturing process or their long product lifespan. If disposed of at a landfill for incineration, silicone, unlike petroleum-based plastics and rubbers, is converted back into inorganic, harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

No Pollutants:Thanks to their thick open weave structure and unique silicone material, Shore Rugs do not stain and can be cleaned with cold water. In this way, they are far more environmentally friendly than conventional fi​ber-based rugs, which often require expensive and polluting cleaning detergents which may be harmful to both human skin as well as the environment.

Economical Maintenance:Shore Rugs do not stain​,​ are exceedingly easy to clean​, and require minimal care as they are extremely durable​ and resilient.​ ​They can be left outside in direct sunlight, extreme heat, and freezing cold. As opposed to conventional fiber-based rugs which often require specialist and expensive cleaning products and services​,​ Shore Rugs provide a far easier and more economical solution as they can easily be​ vacuumed,​ rinsed​ or hosed​ off​ with water,​ or even power washed with cold water.

Recycl​able​:We offer a free recycling program and will arrange the free return delivery of every Shore Rug to be fully recycled. Please contact us for more information.

Social Responsibility

Quality Control: We have complete control of every step involved in the making of our rugs and take great care in making sure each Shore Rug conforms to our high quality standards. We know exactly what goes into our silicone clay from the moment it is being mixed and deliver each rug from design through to completion.

Handmade in London​:Relying on highly skilled crafts​people​,​ each Shore Rug is fully handmade involving a variety of bespoke processes including the careful mixing of our silicone clay, the blending of individual color pigments​,​ ​the extrusion by hand of the silicone cord, and the ​meticulous ​weaving of the individually extruded cords into a​ wide​ variety of patterns. Respecting the traditional craft of rug​ making​,​ we aim to advance ​the field through the resourceful application ​of synthetic materials and truly novel production process​es.