Care Guide


When you first unroll your rug.

Take a moment to flatten the edges and any irregularities that may have occurred during shipping, and to evenly redistribute the tension of the cords, if necessary. Please note, the Shore tag denotes the bottom side of the rug (which contains the majority of joined cord ends). We recommend thoroughly cleaning the floor surface with appropriate cleaning agents prior to placing the rug down. Placing the rug on a dusty or dirty floor can cause the rug to not stay put.


If a spill occurs on the rug.

Shore Rugs™ can be simply rinsed or hosed off with water. Soap can be used, if necessary, and the rugs can be scrubbed with a brush or sponge. If a spill occurs on the rug, clean the rug itself and the surface underneath, as the spill may penetrate to the floor below. The material resists stains and the color will not rub off onto other materials or surfaces.


Regular maintenance and care.

Shore Rugs require minimal care and can be left outside all year in the sun, extreme heat, and freezing cold. We recommend that both sides of the rug, and the floor below, be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner, as you would any traditional carpet or rug, to remove normal dust and debris. We also strongly recommend regular cleaning with water and soap. The rug should be rinsed and scrubbed thoroughly and then air dried. You are responsible for the care of your rug and we cannot be held liable if damages occur from improper care.

Silicone is the material of choice in both cooking and medical industries​​. The material will not harden, crack, or lose its spring-back even after years of use. It is impermeable and will not harbor moisture or mold, or break down and create dust. Shore Rugs offer superb weather resistance, however, as with any material, excess exposure to sun may affect color. Under normal conditions, the quality of the material should maintain its resilience for years. All rugs pose a trip hazard, so please be careful where you place your rug. Shore Rugs™ are thick and tactile. Placing them in high-foot traffic areas may pose a trip hazard. SHORE cannot be held liable for any accidents or injuries, including but not limited to slips and falls, which occur through use of our products.